About Custom Simscape Multibody Visualization


This content is specific to Simscape™ Multibody™ First Generation software. First-generation features are slated to be deprecated and should be avoided.

Customizing Visualization Settings

You can customize the way that Simscape Multibody visualization displays bodies, in terms of their colors and geometry. The geometry is composed of the body's size and shape.

  • You can adjust the body color on a model- or machine-wide basis, or on an individual body basis.

  • With an external graphics file referenced by a Body block, the visualization window can visualize the body with whatever shape the graphics file specifies.

For more information about starting visualization for a Simscape Multibody model, review the section Starting Visualization.

Model- and Machine-Wide Body Color and Geometry Controls

The model–machine–body hierarchy controls the model- and machine-default body colors and geometries. See the section Hierarchy of Body, Machine, and Model Visualization Settings.

To control visualization settings for an entire model or machine, you need to revisit the following two dialogs. These controls allow you to set a single default color and a single default standard geometry for all the bodies in a model or in a machine.

  • To set a model-wide default body color and geometry, use the Visualization area of the Simscape Multibody 1G node of the Configuration Parameters dialog.

  • To set machine-wide default body color and geometry, use the Visualization tab of that machine's Machine Environment block dialog.

Creating an External Virtual Reality Client

You can bypass standard Simscape Multibody visualization by creating a virtual reality world of your own design to visualize your model's bodies. You can then build a custom interface from your model to the virtual world and animate its virtual bodies. See the final section, Visualizing with a Virtual Reality Client.

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