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World Frame

Inertial reference frame


Frames and Transforms


This block represents the global reference frame in a model. This frame is inertial and at absolute rest. Rigidly connecting a frame to the World frame makes that frame inertial. Frame axes are orthogonal and arranged according to the right-hand rule.

In a frame network, the World frame is the ultimate reference frame. Directly or indirectly, all other frames are defined with respect to the World frame. If multiple World Frame blocks connect to the same frame network, those blocks identify the same frame. If no World Frame block connects to a frame network, a copy of an existing frame, frozen in its initial position and orientation, serves as the World frame.

C/C++ Code Generation

This block supports code generation for real-time simulation tasks. Certain blocks and block settings may be more suitable for simulation on a real-time device. For suggestions on how to improve real-time simulation performance, use the Simulink® Performance Advisor (Simulink). Suggestions include ways to reduce model complexity where helpful and to decrease numerical stiffness.

Select Analysis > Performance Tools > Performance Advisor in the Simulink menu bar to open the Performance Advisor. Set the Activity parameter to Execute real-time application to view suggestions specific to real-time simulation performance. Expand the Real-Time node in the tree view pane to select performance checks specific to Simscape™ products.


This block contains frame port W, representing the World frame.

Introduced in R2012a

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