Model body geometries, inertias, colors, and frames

Model the bodies that comprise your multibody system. Treat each body as a group of rigidly connected solid sections. Represent the solid sections using the Solid block and connect them using Rigid Transform blocks or direct frame connection lines. For an overview of the body modeling steps, see Creating Body Subsystems. For an example showing how to model a body, see Model Link.

Simscape Blocks

Solid Properties

Graphic Visual marker with graphic properties
Inertia Inertial properties of a solid or mass disturbance
Solid Rigid solid with geometry, inertia, and color
Spline Cubic interpolating plane or space curve

Frames and Transforms

Reference Frame Non-inertial reference frame
Rigid Transform Fixed spatial relationship between frames
World Frame Inertial reference frame

Examples and How To

Shapes with Custom Cross Sections

Compound Bodies


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