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Simulation and Visualization

Run simulation, visualize model, record animation

Update the block diagram to assemble the model and visualize it in its initial configuration. The model visualization opens in a separate utility named Mechanics Explorer. Inspect the visualization pane for modeling issues such as missing bodies or improper joint connections.

Run the simulation to start a physics-based 3-D animation of the model. Be sure to pick a solver suited for physical models, such as Ode15s, and to specify a maximum time step that is small enough to accurately capture the fastest meaningful changes expected in your model.

Visualization Utilities

Mechanics Explorer Visualize and explore multibody models
Camera Manager Create, edit, and delete dynamic cameras
Video Creator Configure and create multibody animation videos


smwritevideo Configure and create multibody animation videos


Visualize a Multibody Model

Enable Mechanics Explorer

Set the model configuration parameters to ensure that Mechanics Explorer opens automatically on model update or simulation.

Manipulate the Visualization Viewpoint

Select a standard view, set the up-axis convention, and use mouse shortcuts to rotate, roll, pan, or zoom a model.

Create a Dynamic Camera

Use Camera Manager to create or edit a model visualization camera with a moving viewpoint.

Create a Model Animation Video

Save an animation in video format using Video Creator or the smwritevideo function.

Show and Hide Components

Visualize Simscape Multibody Frames

Use Mechanics Explorer frame highlights and Graphic blocks to visualize frames.

Selectively Show and Hide Model Components

Use selective model visualization to show only those model components that are relevant to you.

Go to a Block from Mechanics Explorer

Use Mechanics Explorer to go to the block corresponding to a tree view pane node.

Visualization Concepts

Update and Simulate a Model

Workflow steps for updating and simulating a Simscape™ Multibody™ model.

Visualizing Model Components

Solid block and Mechanics Explorer as visualization utilities for solids, bodies, and multibody subsystems.

Selective Model Visualization

Visualization filtering as a means to selectively show and hide solids, bodies, and multibody subsystems in Mechanics Explorer.

Visualization Cameras

Distinction between dynamic cameras and the global camera. Camera Manager as a tool for creating dynamic cameras. Dynamic camera keyframe and tracking modes.

Model Animation

Animation is cached during model simulation.


Multibody Simulation Issues

Overview of Simscape Multibody simulation issues

Featured Examples

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