Code Generation Applications

Code Generation Overview

Simscape™ Multibody™ supports code generation through Simulink® Coder™. You can generate C/C++ code from a Simscape Multibody model to accelerate simulation in the Simulink environment or to deploy a model onto external hardware. Model deployment requires an active Simulink Coder license while simulation acceleration does not.

Code Generation Applications

Simulation Acceleration

Simulink can generate C/C++ executable code to shorten simulation time. Two simulation modes rely on code generated from a model:

  • Accelerator

  • Rapid Accelerator

Simscape Multibody supports the two accelerator modes. You can access the simulation accelerator modes in the Simulink Editor window for your model. Click Simulation > Mode, and select Accelerator or Rapid Accelerator. Accelerator modes do not require additional Simulink code generation products.


Simulation accelerator modes do not support model visualization. When you simulate a Simscape Multibody model in Accelerator or Rapid Accelerator modes, Mechanics Explorer does not open with a 3-D display of your model.

Model Deployment

With Simulink Coder, you can generate standalone C/C++ code for deployment outside the Simulink environment. The code replicates the source Simscape Multibody model. You can use the stand-alone code for applications that include:

  • Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) testing

  • Software-In-Loop (SIL) testing

  • Rapid prototyping


Simscape Multibody supports, but does not perform, code generation for model deployment. Code generation for model deployment requires the Simulink Coder product.

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