Multibody Visualization Issues

Mechanics Explorer Not Opening

Mechanics Explorer is by default configured to open on the first model update or simulation of a Simscape™ Multibody™ session. You can, however, change your model configuration parameters to suppress model visualization and prevent Mechanics Explorer from opening. If Mechanics Explorer does not open for a model, check the visualization setting for that model:

  1. In the Simulink® menu bar, select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters.

  2. In the tree view pane of the Model Configuration Parameters window, select Simscape Multibody > Explorer.

  3. Ensure that the Open Mechanics Explorer on model update or simulation checkbox is selected.

Model Oriented Sideways

The standard view convention of Mechanics Explorer, y-axis up, differs from that of typical CAD applications, z-axis up. The different view convention may cause an imported CAD assembly model to appear sideways in Mechanics Explorer. To orient your model properly, change the View convention parameter to match your CAD application:

  1. In the Mechanics Explorer toolstrip, set the View Convention parameter to Y up (XY Front).

  2. Click a standard-view button, e.g., for an isometric view, to refresh the model visualization and apply the new view convention.

Imported CAD Model Visualization

Imported CAD Parts Missing

Simscape Multibody software obtains the part geometries for an imported CAD model from external part geometry files. If the files are invalid, or if the file paths specified in the Solid block dialog boxes are incorrect, Mechanics Explorer cannot render those parts. To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Identify the Solid blocks associated with the parts not rendered.

    You can select a part by name from the tree view pane of Mechanics Explorer. If the geometry file is valid and the file path is correct, the visualization pane highlights that part.

  2. In the Geometry area of the Solid block dialog boxes, ensure that the specified file paths are correct.

    The file paths appear in the File Name parameter of the From File shape parameterization. If the path is correct, it is possible that the geometry file is invalid.

Imported Part Colors Missing

Only colors specified at the part level are imported from a CAD assembly model. Colors specified for individual part features, such as surfaces and edges, or for the complete assembly as a unit, are not imported. Parts that have no color specified at the part level are by default shown in gray. You can specify the desired part color in the Solid block dialog box for that part or, prior to CAD translation, in the source CAD assembly model.

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