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Record Animation Video

With Mechanics Explorer, you can record a 3-D animation of your SimMechanics™ simulation. You can then play back the animation video without running the simulation again—or even opening the original model. To record an animation, Mechanics Explorer provides a record button, . Recorded videos are in AVI format. The video playback speed is 30 frames per second.

This example shows how you can record a 3-D animation. The model in this example is sm_four_bar, which accompanies your SimMechanics installation.

  1. At the MATLAB® command line, enter sm_four_bar.

  2. In the Simulink® Editor window, select Simulation > Run.

  3. In the Mechanics Explorer window, press the Record button.

  4. In the Select video file window, specify the name of the file.

  5. Press Save.

A new animation window opens when you press Save. The title bar of the new window provides the recording progress status. When a new window opens informing you that the recording has finished, click OK

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