Record a Model Animation Video

You can record a video of a model animation in Mechanics Explorer. The video enables you to document and share in part your simulation results without having to rerun the simulation. Anyone with a basic media player with AVI support can then watch the animation without having Simscape™ Multibody™ installed.

If you have not already done so, configure your model for video recording before proceeding. This step ensures that your video plays at the correct speed and without any time distortion. To record the video:

  1. Update or simulate your model. If Mechanics Explorer does not open, see Open Mechanics Explorer.

  2. In the Mechanics Explorer menu bar, select Tools > Create Video.

  3. When prompted, save the video file in a convenient folder. A new window opens with a display of the model and the recording progress.

  4. When the message Video file "filename.avi" has been successfully created appears on your screen, press OK. filename is the path and name of your video file.

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