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View Cardan Gear Assembly Status and Statistics

Open Model Report

To explore the Model Report interface, try opening one of the MATLAB® featured examples. At the MATLAB command prompt, enter the featured example name, e.g.,


Then, update the block diagram (by selecting Simulation > Update Diagram. Mechanics Explorer opens with a static 3-D view of the model in its initial configuration.

You can now open Model Report using the Mechanics Explorer menu bar. Do this by selecting Tools > Model Report.

View Joint Assembly Status

In the Model Report header, three green circles indicate that the model, its joints, and its constraints have assembled successfully. In the Position > Status field of the Joints tab, an additional green circle indicates that the position state target of the Planet_A_Joint has been successfully met during model assembly.

View Constraint Assembly Status

To view the assembly status of the gear constraint blocks, select the Constraints tab. Two green circles indicate that two gear constraints, PlanetA_PlanetB_Gear and Sun_PlanetA_Gear have also been successfully assembled.

View Model Statistics

Finally, to view various model statistics, select the Statistics tab. This tab provides model data such as the number of rigid components (excluding ground), the number of joints, and the number of constraints. The reported numbers match the number of rigid body subsystem blocks (excluding one connected to the world frame), the number of joint blocks, and the number of gear constraint blocks—3, 3, and 2.

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