Visualize Box Frame Tree

Model Overview

To visualize a frame or frame network, you can use the Graphic block. By connecting this block to a frame, you add a graphic icon to that frame. The graphic icon has zero inertia and it does not affect model dynamics during simulation. In this example, you use Graphic blocks to add graphic icons to the box frame tree that you modeled in a previous example. See Represent Box Frame Tree.

Build Model

To add a graphic icon to each frame in your model:

  1. Open model frame_tree.

    This is the model that you created in example Represent Box Frame Tree.

  2. From the Body Elements library, drag 12 Graphic blocks to that model.

  3. Connect and name the blocks as they appear in the figure.

  4. Double-click each Graphic block.

  5. In the dialog box, specify parameters according to the following table.

    Graphic BlockColorShapeSize
    World Frame Graphics[0.4 0.4 0.4]Sphere25
    Vertex I GraphicsCube
    Vertex A Graphics[1.0 0.0 0.0]
    Vertex E Graphics
    Vertex B Graphics[0.0 0.0 1.0]
    Vertex F Graphics
    Vertex C Graphics[0.0 0.6 0.2]
    Vertex G Graphics
    Vertex D Graphics[1.0 1.0 0.0]
    Vertex H Graphics
    Vertex J Graphics[1.0 0.4 0.0]
    Vertex K Graphics[0.6 0.0 0.6]

Visualize Model

You can now visualize your model in Mechanics Explorer. To do this, on the Simulink® menu bar, select Simulation > Update Diagram. Mechanics Explorer opens with a static 3-D display of your model. Rotate, pan, and zoom to explore.

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