Export CAD assembly into Simscape™ Multibody™ First Generation model

Examples and How To

Export CAD Assembly from Creo Software

To export a CAD assembly:

Export a CAD Stewart Platform

Tutorial showing how to export a Stewart platform CAD assembly model.

Export and Re-Export a Pendulum Assembly

Tutorial showing how to translate and update a pendulum CAD assembly model.

Export and Re-Export CAD Assembly

Generating and updating the physical modeling XML files used in CAD translation.


CAD Translation

Overview of the CAD translation stages and the files generated at each stage.

Constraint-Joint Mapping in Simscape Multibody First Generation

In Pro/ENGINEER®, unconstrained parts have six mechanical degrees of freedom (DoFs) that describe how the parts move with respect to each other.

Guidelines for CAD Translation

Overview of how Simscape Multibody Link software translates CAD assembly models into Simscape Multibody models.


CAD Export Errors

CAD export errors due to unsupported CAD constraints or geometric entities.

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