User-Added Coordinate Systems

CAD Software Requirements

This CAD assembly can be opened in SolidWorks® 2007 and later versions.

Assembly and Exported XML File

Link to the assembly

In this assembly, two gear parts mesh with a gear ratio of 2:1. The two gear parts are constrained by a Gear mate in the SolidWorks® assembly. Because the Simscape Multibody™ Link exporter does not support this constraint, exporting this assembly results in an XML file in which the gear constraint is replaced by a rigid connection between the two parts. You can define your own coordinate systems in order to easily recreate this constraint when you generate the Simscape Multibody™ model.

To do this, each of the two gear parts has a user-defined coordinate system that will be exported to the XML file. Both these coordinate systems should have the same prefix (here, SMLINK_). In the Simscape Multibody™ Link Settings menu in SolidWorks®, set the "Export Coordinate Systems" radio-button to "Export only CSs with this prefix" and enter "SMLINK_" in the edit field below the button. This ensures that both the coordinate systems labelled as SMLINK_CS1 and SMLINK_CS2 are exported to the XML file.

After export, open the XML file to see the two exported coordinate systems. When you generate a Simscape Multibody™ model from this XML file, the user-defined coordinate systems will appear as unconnected ports on the blocks representing the gear parts. A rigid connection is automatically inserted between the two blocks for the unsupported Gear constraint.

This is a screenshot of the gear assembly as modelled in SolidWorks®.

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