Getting Started with Simscape Multibody Link


Export a CAD Assembly Model

Generate an XML multibody description model for import into Simscape™ Multibody™ software

Export a Robot CAD Assembly Model

Generate a Simscape Multibody Import XML file from a CAD assembly

About CAD Translation

CAD Translation

Overview of the CAD translation stages and the files generated at each stage.

Data File Update

Overview of the CAD update stages and the files generated at each stage.

CAD Model Export

CAD export approaches for supported and unsupported CAD platforms.

XML File Import

The smimport function as a means to convert multibody description XML files into Simscape Multibody models.

Translated Model

Structure and components of the Simscape Multibody model generated during CAD import.

Model Data File

Structure and information content of the model data file generated during CAD import.

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