Configure SimMechanics Link

SimMechanics Link Settings

The SimMechanics™ Link add-in tool provides a Settings option. Use the option to specify:

  • Tolerances — linear, angular, and relative

To access the Settings parameters:

  1. Open the assembly to export.

  2. In the menu bar, click Add-Ins > Settings.

The Settings dialog box opens.

Dialog Box

The dialog box contains two panes:

  • Assembly Tolerances — Specifies linear, angular, and relative tolerances of exported assembly.

Enter the export tolerances for a CAD assembly. During the conversion of CAD constraints to SimMechanics joints, SimMechanics Link compares the spacing, alignment, and relative numerical errors with the export tolerances.

FieldDefault ValuePurposeDefaultUnit
Linear tolerance1e-005Smallest significant length difference1e-5Unit used in assembly. The default is mm
Angular tolerance1e-005Smallest significant angle difference1e-5Unit used in assembly. The default is rad
Relative roundoff tolerance1e-012Smallest significant relative numerical difference1e-12

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