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Configure Simscape Multibody Link

Simscape Multibody Link Settings

The Simscape™ Multibody™ Link add-in tool provides a Settings option. Use the option to specify:

  • Tolerances — linear, angular, and relative

To access the Settings parameters:

  1. Open the assembly to export.

  2. In the menu bar, click Add-Ins > Settings.

The Settings dialog box opens.

Dialog Box

The dialog box contains two panes:

  • Assembly Tolerances — Specifies linear, angular, and relative tolerances of exported assembly.

Enter the export tolerances for a CAD assembly. During the conversion of CAD constraints to Simscape Multibody joints, Simscape Multibody Link compares the spacing, alignment, and relative numerical errors with the export tolerances.

FieldDefault ValuePurposeDefaultUnit
Linear tolerance1e-005Smallest significant length difference1e-5Unit used in assembly. The default is mm
Angular tolerance1e-005Smallest significant angle difference1e-5Unit used in assembly. The default is rad
Relative roundoff tolerance1e-012Smallest significant relative numerical difference1e-12

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