Register SimMechanics Link with Creo

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the SimMechanics™ Link utility, you must complete registration with the CAD platform. Registration adds the SimMechanics Link utility to the CAD platform as an add-in tool. In earlier versions of Pro/ENGINEER® software, the add-in tool appears directly on the toolbar. In Creo™ software, the add-in tool appears as a menu item in the Tools menu.

Registration is manual. You must create or modify registry and configuration files for the CAD platform.

Software Requirements

Registration requires that two products be installed on your computer:

  • CAD platform — Creo or Creo predecessor Pro/ENGINEER

  • SimMechanics Link

Registration Overview

The complete registration procedure contains two steps:

StepPurposeFor more information, see...
1. Add registration text to registry fileRegisters the SimMechanics Link utility with the CAD platform.
2. Add registry file path to configuration fileAllow the CAD platform to load the SimMechanics Link add-in at startup.

For information about registry and configuration files, consult the documentation that accompanies your CAD platform installation.

Registration adds a SimMechanics Link menu item to the CAD platform. The following figure shows the menu item in a Creo installation.

    Note:   In Pro/ENGINEER, the SimMechanics Link add-in appears as a separate item in the menu bar.

Add Registration Text to Registry File

Registration requires access to registry file protk.dat. The registry file should exist in the protoolkit directory of your CAD platform. If you cannot locate the file, create a new registry file. Save the file in a convenient directory as <filename>.dat, where <filename> is a name of your choice.

To add registration text to the registry file:

  1. Open the Pro/TOOLKIT application registry file. In the registry file, each line contains a predefined parameter followed by a value.

  2. Add the SimMechanics Link registration text appropriate to your CAD platform.

     Creo, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 and Later Versions

     Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 and Earlier Versions

  3. Save the registry file.

Add Registry File Path to Configuration File

The configuration file of your CAD platform must contain the location of the registry file. This step allows the CAD platform to load the SimMechanics Link utility as an add-in tool on startup.

The configuration file has name Look for the file in the following directories.



    Note:   The directory of file may differ from the directories provided.

If you cannot locate the configuration file for your CAD platform, create a new file. Use a text editor of your choice. Save the new file as <filename>.pro, where <filename> is a name of your choice. You must save the file in one of two folder:

  • CAD platform folder

  • Startup folder

To find the startup folder, open the CAD platform and click File > Open.

  1. Open the configuration file for your CAD platform.

  2. At the bottom of the configuration file, add a new line with the absolute path to the registry file:

    toolkit_registry_file <absolute_path>/<registry_filename>.dat

    toolkit_registry_file is a predefined parameter that specifies the location of the registry file. <absolute_path> is the absolute path to the registry file. <registry_filename> is the name of the registry file.

SimMechanics Link Registration Example

This example illustrates the registration procedure for a Pro/ENGINEER CAD platform. In the example, you create new registry and configuration files:

  • The registry file provides registration information for the SimMechanics Link utility.

  • The configuration platform provides the location of the registry file. This step allows the CAD platform can load the SimMechanics Link add-in on startup.

After successful completion of the example, the CAD platform loads SimMechanics Link as an add-in at startup.

Create Registry File

To create the registry file:

  1. Create directory C:\data

  2. With a text editor, create a new file.

  3. In the new file, enter:

    NAME SimMechanics Link
    STARTUP dll
    EXEC_FILE C:\Program Files\MATLAB\bin\win32\cl_proe2sm.dll
    TEXT_DIR C:\Program Files\MATLAB\toolbox\physmod\smlink\cad_systems\proe\text
  4. Save the file in directory C:\data with name smlink.dat. This is the registry file that contains the registration information for SimMechanics Link.

Create Configuration File

To create the configuration file:

  1. With a text editor, create a new file.

  2. In the new file, enter:

    toolkit_registry_file c:\data\smlink.dat
  3. Save the file as in one of two directories:

    • CAD installation directory:


      proeroot is the root of the Pro/ENGINEER installation. For example,

      C:/Program Files/Proe

      arch is the architecture of the CAD installation. For example, x64.

    • CAD startup directory — the directory a CAD session starts in.

Unregister SimMechanics Link

To unregister SimMechanics Link with either Creo or Pro/ENGINEER CAD platforms, follow these steps.

If you...Then...
Created a new registry file for your CAD platformDelete the registry file path from the configuration file
Added registration test to an existing registry fileDelete the registration text from the registry file

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