Enumerated type for specifying constraint type



This content is specific to Simscape™ Multibody™ First Generation software. First-generation features are slated to be deprecated and should be avoided.

PmitConstrainType is a C language enumerated type.

A variable of this type is defined when you create a constraint in a Simscape Multibody Link API CAD model.

These are the variable's allowed enumerated values.

ValueConstraint Type
PMIT_CON_COINCIDENT = 0Coincident points
PMIT_CON_CONCENTRICConcentric circles or circular arcs
PMIT_CON_PERPENDPerpendicular lines or planes
PMIT_CON_PARALLELParallel lines or planes
PMIT_CON_TANGENTTangent curves or surfaces
PMIT_CON_DISTANCEFixed distance between points
PMIT_CON_ANGLEFixed angle between lines
PMIT_CON_FULLFully fixing one body's position and orientation with respect to another body.
Kinematically equivalent to a rigid weld.
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