Structure type for defining visualized material properties of API CAD object


PmitVisMatProp is a C language structure type.

You can define a variable of this type for any object in a Simscape™ Multibody™ Link API CAD model. This variable specifies the visualized material properties of the object, usually a part component of a CAD assembly.

You refer to the fields of the structure as PmitVisMatProp.field. These are the structure fields and their possible values, which all range from 0 to 1.

rgb3-vector [r g b] specifying red, green, and blue color intensities r, g, and b
ambientIntensity of the ambient component of light falling on the component
diffuseIntensity of the diffuse component of light falling on the component
specularIntensity of the specular component of light falling on the component
shininessShininess coefficient of the component's material
transparencyTransparency factor of the component's material.
0 means the material is not transparent. 1 means it is fully transparent.
emissionIntensity of emission from the component's material

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