Register SimMechanics Link with Inventor

Before you can export a CAD assembly from the Autodesk Inventor® platform, you must register the SimMechanics™ Link utility with Inventor®. The registration procedure adds a SimMechanics Link add-in tool to the CAD platform. Use the add-in tool to export a CAD assembly in SimMechanics format.

Software Requirements

Registration requires that the following two products be installed on your computer:

Register SimMechanics Link

To register SimMechanics Link with the CAD platform:

  1. Start a new MATLAB® session.

  2. At the MATLAB command line, enter smlink_linkinv.

  3. MATLAB displays a message stating that linking was successful. You can close MATLAB.

On startup, the CAD platform displays a SimMechanics Link menu item in the Add-In menu. The menu item appears only when a CAD assembly (extension .iam) is open.

Register SimMechanics Link with Multiple CAD Installations

If you have multiple Inventor installations on your computer, the command smlink_linkinv registers SimMechanics Link with all installations.

You can register one SimMechanics Link version as a CAD add-in tool. If you have multiple SimMechanics Link versions, you must unregister the current version before registering a new version.

Unregister SimMechanics Link

To unregister the SimMechanics Link add-in from a Inventor installation:

The command removes the add-in from the Inventor registry. The SimMechanics Link add-in no longer appears in the menu bar of the CAD platform.

If you have multiple installations of Inventor on your computer, the command smlink_unlinkinv removes the SimMechanics Link add-in from all installations.

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