Register and link Simscape Multibody Link software as Autodesk Inventor add-in




smlink_linkinv registers and links Simscape™ Multibody™ Link software as an add-in to Autodesk® Inventor®. Execute this function before you attempt to use Simscape Multibody Link software with Autodesk Inventor.

Output Arguments

A message indicating that the registration and linking have worked, with the location of the add-in module, if registration and linking succeed.

An error message describing the failure, if registration and linking do not succeed.


Linking is associating a version of a CAD platform with a Simscape Multibody Link installation.

Depending on the CAD platform and if you use the Windows® operating system, linking a CAD platform can involve registering one of the executable Simscape Multibody Link libraries with Windows.

Registering is entering an executable module or library in the Windows registry.

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