Export Robot CAD Assembly

This example guides you through the export procedure for a CAD assembly with name sm_robot.xml. The assembly models an industrial robot arm that contains a grip subassembly.

CAD Files

Required CAD files are present in your SimMechanics™ Link installation. You can access the files in the following directory:

where matlabroot is the directory of your MATLAB® installation (for example, c:\program files\MATLAB\R2012b.

Platform-Specific Steps

The procedure in this example is general and applicable to all supported CAD platforms. For platform-specific steps, click the appropriate link in the following table.

CAD Export Steps

Complete the following steps to export the robot CAD assembly in second-generation format. The procedure generates one SimMechanics Import XML file and a set of STL geometry files. Import the files into SimMechanics to generate a model that replicates the CAD assembly.

  1. In a supported CAD platform, open assembly file sm_robot.

  2. On the CAD menu bar, click SimMechanics Link.

  3. Select Export into SimMechanics First Generation or Export into SimMechanics Second Generation.

  4. In the Save As dialog box, enter the export file name and click OK.

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