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Related Products

Required Products

Simscape™ Multibody™ Link software requires MATLAB® software.

Supported Operating Systems

You can use the Simscape Multibody Link product on any operating system that supports MATLAB.

Supported CAD Platforms

To build and export CAD assemblies, you need a CAD platform. Such a platform must either be supported directly by the Simscape Multibody Link utility or have an API you can use to write a custom Simscape Multibody Link interface.

Other Related Products

Simscape Multibody Product

    Note:   The Simscape Multibody Link utility does not require the Simscape Multibody, Simscape, or Simulink® products.

The XML multibody description and body geometry files exported by the Simscape Multibody Link utility are intended for use with the Simscape Multibody product.

Physical Modeling Product Family

Use the Physical Modeling product family to model physical systems in Simulink. In addition to Simscape Multibody software, it includes:

  • Simscape the platform and unifying environment for Physical Modeling products

  • Simscape Driveline™ for modeling and simulating drivetrain systems

  • Simscape Electronics™ for modeling and simulating electronic systems

  • Simscape Fluids™ for modeling and simulating hydromechanical systems

  • Simscape Power Systems™ for modeling and simulating electrical power systems

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