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About the Example

The example consists of a series of steps that:

  • Start with a CAD assembly.

  • Show how, with Simscape™ Multibody™ Link and Simscape Multibody software, to translate the assembly into a Simscape Multibody model through export and import.

  • Show how to modify the original assembly, then reexport and reimport it with successive changes that modify the imported model.

  • Show how to manually modify the initial generated model, then update it with changes to the original assembly, without losing your manual changes to the model.

The assembly models a double pendulum, subsequently modified to a triple pendulum.

What the Example Requires

The complete procedure requires the original CAD assembly and platform, as well as Simscape Multibody Link and Simscape Multibody software.

Watch the Example Video

A video of the example is available at the MathWorks® Web site, If you are reading this in a browser and have access to the Internet, click here to access the example page.

What the Video Requires

The video requires a Web browser with a compatible streaming video application.

Learn More About the Example

The example video performs the steps of the case study, Updating and Retranslating a CAD Pendulum.

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