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Functions in SimPowerSystems

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pe_calculateThdPercent Compute the total harmonic distortion (THD) percentage
pe_getHarmonics Return harmonic orders, magnitudes, and fundamental frequency
pe_plotHarmonics Plot percentage of fundamental magnitude versus harmonic order
power_analyze Analyze electric circuit
power_AsynchronousMachineParams Estimate electrical parameters of double cage asynchronous machine based on standard manufacturer specifications
power_cableparam Compute RLC parameters of radial copper cables with single screen, based on conductor and insulator characteristics
power_fftscope Perform Fourier analysis of signals stored in Structure with Time format
power_hysteresis View and edit hysteresis characteristic for saturable core of Saturable Transformer blocks
power_init Set initial state values of model built with Simulink and SimPowerSystems software
power_initstates Compute and modify initial values of voltages and currents of model
power_lineparam Compute RLC parameters of overhead transmission line from its conductor characteristics and tower geometry
power_loadflow Perform load flow and initialize models containing three-phase machines and dynamic load blocks
power_ltiview Create state-space object of model for use with LTI Viewer tools
power_new Create new SimPowerSystems model populated by required and commonly used blocks
power_PMSynchronousMachineParams Convert manufacturer specifications to mask parameters of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine block
power_report Generate report of steady state variables, initial states, and machine load flow for model
power_statespace Compute state-space model of linear electrical circuit
power_steadystate Compute steady-state values of voltages and currents of model
power_zmeter Compute impedance versus frequency of Impedance Measurement blocks of model
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