Simscape Power Systems Functions

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pe_calculateThdPercentCompute the total harmonic distortion (THD) percentage
pe_getEfficiencyCalculate efficiency as a function of dissipated power losses
pe_getHarmonicsReturn harmonic orders, magnitudes, and fundamental frequency
pe_getPowerLossSummaryCalculate dissipated power losses
pe_getPowerLossTimeSeriesCalculate dissipated power losses and return the time series data
pe_plotHarmonicsPlot percentage of fundamental magnitude versus harmonic order
power_analyzeAnalyze electric circuit
power_AsynchronousMachineParamsEstimate electrical parameters of double cage asynchronous machine based on standard manufacturer specifications
power_cableparamCompute RLC parameters of radial copper cables with single screen, based on conductor and insulator characteristics
power_customizePrepare a Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology block for customization
power_fftscopeFourier analysis of simulation data signals
power_flickerPerform statistical analysis of instantaneous flicker level signal
power_hysteresisView and edit hysteresis characteristic for saturable core of Saturable Transformer blocks
power_initSet initial state values of model built with Simulink and Simscape Power Systems software
power_initstatesCompute and modify initial values of voltages and currents of model
power_lineparamCompute RLC parameters of overhead transmission line from its conductor characteristics and tower geometry
power_loadflowPerform positive-sequence load flow or unbalanced load flow. Initialize models containing three-phase machines and dynamic load blocks
power_ltiviewCreate state-space object of model for use with the Linear System Analyzer tool
power_newCreate new Simscape Power Systems model populated by required and commonly used blocks
power_PMSynchronousMachineParamsConvert manufacturer specifications to mask parameters of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine block
power_reportGenerate report of steady state variables, initial states, and machine load flow for model
power_statespaceCompute state-space model of linear electrical circuit
power_steadystateCompute steady-state values of voltages and currents of model
power_zmeterCompute impedance versus frequency of Impedance Measurement blocks of model
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