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Getting Started with Simscape Power Systems


Simscape Components

Build and Simulate Composite Resistive and Reactive Three-Phase Models

Model a three-phase AC voltage source driving a simple load using Simscape™ Power Systems™ Simscape Components.

Create and Simulate Expanded Balanced and Unbalanced Three-Phase Models

Expand a Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components three-phase load into three individual phases.

Specialized Technology

Build and Simulate a Simple Circuit

Build a simple circuit with Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology blocks and connect it to other Simulink® blocks.

Analyze a Simple Circuit

Use the Powergui block to analyze static and frequency-domain response.

Specify Initial Conditions

Specify initial conditions for state variables using the Simscape Power Systems Powergui block.

About Power System Modeling and Simulation

Comparison of Simscape Components and Specialized Technology

Model multiphase power systems that connect directly to other Simscape domains using Simscape Components. Model typical power equipment such as transformers, lines, machines, and power electronics using Specialized Technology.

Simscape Power Systems Block Libraries

Simscape Power Systems contains two different top-level block libraries for modeling and analyzing multiphase electrical power systems.

Simulating Power Engineering Systems

Follow these recommended techniques for modeling three-phase power dynamics and troubleshooting issues.

Per-Unit System of Units

Use the per-unit (pu) system to simplify power system simulation calculations and analysis.

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