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Simscape Power Systems

Model and simulate electrical power systems

Simscape™ Power Systems™ provides component libraries and analysis tools for modeling and simulating electrical power systems. It includes models of electrical power components, including three-phase machines, electric drives, and components for applications such as flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) and renewable energy systems. Harmonic analysis, calculation of total harmonic distortion (THD), load flow, and other key electrical power system analyses are automated, helping you investigate the performance of your design.

Simscape Power Systems helps you develop control systems and test system-level performance. You can parameterize your models using MATLAB® variables and expressions, and design control systems for your electrical power system in Simulink®. You can integrate mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, and other physical systems into your model using components from the Simscape family of products. To deploy models to other simulation environments, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems, Simscape Power Systems supports C-code generation.

Simscape Power Systems was developed in collaboration with Hydro-Québec of Montreal.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Simscape Power Systems

Simscape Components

Model electrical power systems using Simscape components

Specialized Technology

Model electrical power systems using specialized components and algorithms

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