Modeling Basics

Model construction techniques, best practices

Create three-phase electrical networks using capabilities that are specific to Simscape™ Power Systems™ Simscape Components and techniques that are essential for modeling Simscape physical networks. Use physical signal ports and expanded or composite conserving ports to connect three-phase electrical blocks to other blocks from the Simscape libraries. Create custom blocks and libraries using Simscape Language and source code examples for custom three-phase components.


Modeling Power Engineering Systems Using Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components Software

Model three-phase power systems that you can connect to networks in other Simscape domains.

Essential Power Engineering Modeling Techniques

Apply Simscape modeling rules when you build three-phase networks using Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components.

Three-Phase Ports

Connect three-phase blocks using composite ports for three-phase lines or expanded ports for single-phase lines.

Switch Between Physical Signal and Electrical Ports

Switch between a physical signal port and an electrical conserving port on a Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components block.

Build and Simulate Composite Resistive and Reactive Three-Phase Models

Model a three-phase AC voltage source driving a simple load using Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components.

Create and Simulate Expanded Balanced and Unbalanced Three-Phase Models

Expand a Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components three-phase load into three individual phases.

Build Custom Blocks Using the Three-Phase Electrical Domain

Develop custom three-phase blocks using Simscape language.

Abbreviations and Naming Conventions in Simscape Components Libraries

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