Power Electronics

Thyristors, diodes, bridges


Diode Implement diode model
GTO Implement gate turn off (GTO) thyristor model
Ideal Switch Implement ideal switch device
IGBT Implement insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)
IGBT/Diode Implements ideal IGBT, GTO, or MOSFET and antiparallel diode
MOSFET Implement MOSFET model
Three-Level Bridge Implement three-level neutral point clamped (NPC) power converter with selectable topologies and power switching devices
Thyristor Implement thyristor model
Universal Bridge Implement universal power converter with selectable topologies and power electronic devices
Boost Converter Implement boost power converter
Buck Converter Implement buck power converter
Full-Bridge Converter Implement full-bridge power converter
Half-Bridge Converter Implement half-bridge power converter
Three-Level NPC Converter Implement three-phase, three-level Neutral-Point Clamped (NPC) power converter
Two-Level Converter Implement three-phase two-level power converter
Two-Quadrant DC/DC Converter Implement two-quadrant DC/DC power converter
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