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Modify a Drive Block

If you have to change electrical connections or control modules, you can do so by modifying a drive block. The following example uses ac6_example to replace the three-phase electric source by a battery. To modify a drive block, use the steps described in the following sections:

Break the Link of the Drive Block

  1. Open the ac6_example by typing ac6_example in the MATLAB Command window. The drive is fed by a three-phase voltage source.

  2. Simulate the model (in accelerator mode) and observe the results.

  3. Break the link between the drive block and the Electric Drives library. Right-click the block that you copied, and from the context menu select Library Link > Disable Link. Right-click the block again, and select Library Link > Break Link.

Modify the Drive Block

  1. Right-click the drive block and select Look Under Mask.

  2. Delete the three-phase electrical connections, the diode rectifier, and the braking chopper.

    Remove the AC Blocks

  3. Add two Connection Ports blocks from the Fundamental Blocks/Elements library, and then connect them to the positive and negative terminals of the Three-Phase Inverter block. Add a Simulink® Ground block and connect it to the output port Conv.

Use the Customized Drive Block

  1. Save the model as ac6_example2.

  2. On the diagram, delete the three-phase source. Replace it by a 300Vdc/1Ah/NiMH Battery block and a 100 µF capacitor block connected in parallel.

  3. Connect the Conv output of the block to a Terminator block. Remove the DC bus voltage blocks that are in the Demux block.

    Remove DC Bus Measurement in the Demux Block

  4. Add a Bus Selector block and then select the Voltage (V) bus signal coming from the m output of the Battery block.

    Observe the Battery Voltage

Simulate the System and Observe the Results

The overall simulation results are shown at the next figure.

Simulation Results

The GUI of the Modified Drive Block

Because you have broken the link from the drive block to the Electric Drives library and customized the block contents, the synchronization of the GUI parameters with the block parameters underneath the block might differ from usual block behavior.

The parameter synchronization process relies on three assumptions:

  • The GUI expects the presence of specific blocks with predetermined mask type names

  • The GUI expects the presence of specific blocks with predetermined mask variable names

  • The GUI is nonmodifiable

If you rename the Mask type parameter of expected blocks, or remove blocks with expected mask types, the parameters in the GUI that are associated with these blocks will display undefined.

If you rename or remove an expected mask variable name, the parameter in the GUI that is associated with this variable will display undefined.

A warning dialog appears every time the synchronization process fails to find blocks with expected mask types or blocks with expected mask variable names. You can disable the display of these warnings by right-clicking on the drive block, selecting Mask Parameters from the context menu, and clearing the Show mask synchronization warnings check box.

As a general guideline, as long as you do not alter or remove any mask type or mask variable name from the blocks composing the drive block, the GUI will behave exactly as expected.

You can add blocks or subsystems inside the drive block, but the associated parameters will not be available in the drive block's GUI. You have to use the Diagram > Mask > Look Under Mask menu item to access these parameters.

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