Product Overview


Simscape™ Power Systems™ software and other products of the Physical Modeling product family work together with Simulink® software to model electrical, mechanical, and control systems.

Simscape Power Systems software operates in the Simulink environment. Therefore, before starting this user's guide, make yourself familiar with Simulink documentation.

The Role of Simulation in Design

Electrical power systems are combinations of electrical circuits and electromechanical devices like motors and generators. Engineers working in this discipline are constantly improving the performance of the systems. Requirements for drastically increased efficiency have forced power system designers to use power electronic devices and sophisticated control system concepts that tax traditional analysis tools and techniques. Further complicating the analyst's role is the fact that the system is often so nonlinear that the only way to understand it is through simulation.

Land-based power generation from hydroelectric, steam, or other devices is not the only use of power systems. A common attribute of these systems is their use of power electronics and control systems to achieve their performance objectives.

Simscape Power Systems software is a modern design tool that allows scientists and engineers to build models that simulate power systems rapidly and easily. It uses the Simulink environment, allowing you to build a model using simple click and drag procedures. Not only can you draw the circuit topology rapidly, but your analysis of the circuit can include its interactions with mechanical, thermal, control, and other disciplines. This is possible because all the electrical parts of the simulation interact with the extensive Simulink modeling library. Since Simulink uses the MATLAB® computational engine, designers can also use MATLAB toolboxes and Simulink blocksets. Simscape Power Systems software belongs to the Physical Modeling product family and uses similar block and connection line interface.

Required and Related Products

Simscape Power Systems software requires the following products:


  • Simulink

  • Simscape

In addition to Simscape Power Systems software, the Physical Modeling product family includes other products for modeling and simulating mechanical and electrical systems. Use these products together to model physical systems in Simulink and Simscape environment. There are also several closely related products from MathWorks® that you can use with Simscape Power Systems software. For more information about any of these products, see the MathWorks website at; see the “Products” section.

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