Line Voltage Sensor

Measure line voltages in three-phase system




The Line Voltage Sensor block represents an ideal three-phase line voltage sensor. The block measures the line-line voltages of a three-phase system and outputs a three-element physical signal vector. Each element of the physical signal output vector is proportional to the voltage between the phases as follows:

  • Element 1: Vab = Va - Vb

  • Element 2: Vbc = Vb - Vc

  • Element 3: Vca = Vc - Va

where Va,Vb and Vc are the absolute phase voltages.

Dialog Box and Parameters

The block has no parameters.


The block has the following ports:


Expandable three-phase port


Three-element physical signal vector output port associated with the voltages between the phases

Introduced in R2013b

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