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Simscape Components

Model electrical power systems using Simscape™ components
  • Modeling Basics
    Model construction techniques, best practices
  • Connections
    Grounds, neutral ports, phase splitters, multiplexers
  • Machines
    Asynchronous and synchronous machines, motors, machine measurements
  • Passive Devices
    Transformers, RLC branches and loads, transmission lines
  • Semiconductors
    Converters, rectifiers, diodes, thyristors
  • Sensors
    Line and phase voltage sensors, current sensors
  • Sources
    Three-phase voltage and current sources
  • Switches and Breakers
    Three-phase switches and circuit breakers, single-phase switches and circuit breakers
  • Control
    ASM Control, Converter Control, General Control, Mathematical Transforms, Measurements, Observers, PMSM Control, Protection, Pulse-Width Modulation
  • Simulation and Analysis
    Performance improvements, analysis tools and techniques
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