Simulation and Analysis

Simulation performance, analysis tools and techniques


Powergui Environment block for Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology models
Load Flow Bus Identify and parameterize load flow bus


power_analyze Analyze electric circuit
power_customize Prepare a Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology block for customization
power_init Set initial state values of model built with Simulink and Simscape Power Systems software
power_initstates Compute and modify initial values of voltages and currents of model
power_loadflow Perform positive-sequence load flow or unbalanced load flow. Initialize models containing three-phase machines and dynamic load blocks
power_report Generate report of steady state variables, initial states, and machine load flow for model
power_statespace Compute state-space model of linear electrical circuit
power_steadystate Compute steady-state values of voltages and currents of model

Examples and How To

Simulating Transients

Create an electrical subsystem, simulate transients, and discretize simple circuits.

Simulate Variable Speed Motor Control

Model and discretize simple motors with specialized blocks. Use the FFT Analysis tool of the Powergui block to perform harmonic analysis.

Change Circuit Parameters

Modify Simscape™ Power Systems™ block parameters and automate simulation using MATLAB® scripts.


How Simscape Power Systems Software Works

Learn how Simscape Power Systems initializes and runs your models.

Choosing an Integration Method

Explore the advantages and disadvantages for continuous, discrete, and phasor simulation of power system models.

Simulating with Continuous Integration Algorithms

Learn about methods for continuous simulation of switches and power electronic devices.

Simulating Discretized Electrical Systems

Learn about methods for discrete simulation of switches and power electronic devices.

Introducing the Phasor Simulation Method

Use the phasor method to analyze magnitudes and phases in linear circuits.

Increasing Simulation Speed

Optimize simulation speed by discretizing your model or by using Simulink® Accelerator mode.

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