Comparison of Simscape Components and Specialized Technology

Simscape™ Power Systems™ software includes two technologies and corresponding libraries to model and simulate electrical power systems. You can create and simulate systems using either library. A single Simscape Power Systems model can contain components from both libraries. You use electrical ports to connect the components within each technology and, ultimately, use Simulink® signals to connect Simscape Components blocks to Specialized Technology blocks.

  • Simscape Components libraries use the full range of Simscape technology, and the component models are written in the Simscape language. You can directly connect these models with the Simscape Foundation library components and with components from other add-on products. You can view and customize the Simscape language source code examples for machines and transformers. Simscape Components models are fully compatible with Simscape technology, including local solver and data logging.

    Simscape Components also provides three-phase electrical connection ports, which you can individually expand into separate phases as needed. By default, these three-phase ports are collapsed, to support single-line diagrams.

  • Specialized Technology libraries provide components and technology specifically developed for electrical power systems. The Specialized Technology library has been refined and tuned for more than a decade. Specialized Technology models use their own electrical domain. You connect Specialized Technology blocks to other Simscape elements ultimately through Simulink signals. The Specialized Technology software provides various simulation methods (continuous, discrete, phasor) and analysis tools.

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