Simscape Power Systems Block Libraries

Overview of Simscape Power Systems Libraries

Simscape™ Power Systems™ contains two top-level block libraries, representing two different technologies.

Simscape Components Library

The Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components library contains Simscape blocks specifically developed for working with multiphase electrical domains. In addition to the Simscape Foundation domains, the product contains a three-phase electrical domain, and you can use this domain to develop your own custom three-phase blocks with Simscape language. You can also view and customize source for several machine and transformer example blocks provided with the product.

The main Simscape Components library is called pe_lib. It contains Simscape blocks with three-phase and single-phase electrical ports, as well as mechanical rotational and translational ports. These blocks are organized into sublibraries according to their function. You can connect these blocks directly to other Simscape blocks, from the Foundation library or from the other add-on products.

Three-phase electrical ports on Simscape Components blocks are collapsed by default, to support single-line diagrams. You can optionally expand them to separate the phases, for example, to inject a single-line-to-ground fault into your circuit.

Specialized Technology Library

The Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology library contains models of typical power equipment such as transformers, lines, machines, and power electronics. These models are proven ones coming from textbooks, and their validity is based on the experience of the Power Systems Testing and Simulation Laboratory of Hydro-Québec, a large North American utility located in Canada, and also on the experience of École de Technologie Supérieure and Université Laval. The capabilities of Simscape Power Systems software for modeling a typical electrical system are illustrated in example files. For users who want to refresh their knowledge of power system theory, there are also self-learning case studies.

The main Specialized Technology library is called simscapepowersystems_ST. It contains sublibraries of blocks that are organized according to their behavior. The Fundamental Blocks sublibrary contains the Powergui block, which contains tools for the steady-state analysis of electrical circuits.

Using the Simulink Library Browser to Access the Block Libraries

You can access both Simscape Power Systems libraries through the Simulink® Library Browser. To display the Simulink Library Browser, at the MATLAB® command prompt, enter slLibraryBrowser. In the left pane of the library browser, scroll to the Simscape node. Expand the Simscape node and then the Power Systems node.

You can also use the library browser to access the Simscape Power Systems libraries from a Simulink model window. In the toolbar of the model window, click the Library Browser button .

Using the Command Prompt to Access the Block Libraries

To access the libraries that the table describes, enter the relevant command at the MATLAB command prompt.


Simscape Power Systems

Top-level libraries in Simscape Power Systems


Simscape Power Systems Simscape Components

Simscape Components blocks


Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology

Specialized Technology blocks


Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology Fundamental Blocks

Powergui block, interface elements, and other fundamental Specialized Technology blocks



Simscape utility blocks, single-phase electrical sources, sensors, and other Foundation library blocks



Generic Simulink blocks


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