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Block Restrictions

Simulink Block Support Exceptions

The Simulink® PLC Coder™ software supports the plclib blocks with the following exceptions. Also, see Coder Limitations for a list of limitations of the software.

If you get unsupported fixed-point type messages during code generation, update the block parameter. Open the block parameter dialog box. Navigate to the Signal Attributes and Parameter Attributes tabs. Check that the Output data type and Parameter data type parameters are not Inherit: Inherit via internal rule. Set these parameters to either Inherit: Same as input or a desired non-fixed-point data type, such as double or int8.

Stateflow Chart Exceptions

If you receive a message about consistency between the original subsystem and the S-function generated from the subsystem build, and the model contains a Stateflow® chart that contains one or more Simulink functions, use the following procedure to address the issue:

  1. Open the model and double-click the Stateflow chart that causes the issue.

    The chart Stateflow Editor dialog box is displayed.

  2. Right-click in this dialog box.

  3. In the context-sensitive menu, select Properties.

    The Chart dialog box is displayed.

  4. In the Chart dialog box, navigate to the States When Enabling parameter and select Held.

  5. Click Apply and OK and save the model.

Reciprocal Sqrt Block

The Simulink PLC Coder software does not support the Simulink Reciprocal Sqrt block signedSqrt and rSqrt functions.

Lookup Table Blocks

Simulink PLC Coder has limited support for lookup table blocks. The coder does not support:

  • Number of dimensions greater than 2

  • Cubic spline interpolation method

  • Begin index search using a previous index mode

  • Cubic spline extrapolation method

    Note:   The Simulink PLC Coder software does not support the Simulink Lookup Table Dynamic block. For your convenience, the plclib/Simulink/Lookup Tables library contains an implementation of a dynamic table lookup block using the Prelookup and Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks.

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