Software Quality with Polyspace Metrics

Polyspace® Metrics is a Web-based tool for software development managers, quality assurance engineers, and software developers, to do the following in software projects:

  • Evaluate software quality metrics

  • Monitor the variation of code metrics and run-time checks through the lifecycle of a project

  • View defect numbers, run-time reliability of the software, review progress, and the status of the code with respect to software quality objectives.

If you are a development manager or a quality assurance engineer, through a Web browser, you can:

If you have the Polyspace product installed on your computer, you can drill down to run-time checks in the Polyspace verification environment. This feature allows you to review run-time checks and, if required, classify these checks as defects. In addition, if you think that run-time checks can be justified, you can mark them as justified and enter relevant comments. See Review Run-Time Checks.

If you are a software developer, Polyspace Metrics allows you to focus on the latest version of the project that you are working on. You can use the view filters and drill-down functionality to go to code defects, which you can then fix. See Fix Defects.

Polyspace calculates metrics that are used to determine whether your code fulfills predefined software quality objectives. You can redefine these software quality objectives. See Customizing Software Quality Objectives.

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