Polyspace Analysis Options in Polyspace Products for Ada

Alphabetical List By Category
-author name
-server server_name_or_ip[:port_number]
-v | -version
Add to results repository
Command/script to apply after the end of the code verification
Command/script to apply before start of the code verification
Common source files
Continue after noninitialized variables
Continue with noninitialized in/out parameters
Critical section details
Disable code metrics generation
Disable preprocessor definitions
Entry points
Expansion limit for a structured variable
Files extensions
Generate report
Improve precision of interprocedural analysis
Include folders
Initialization of uninitialized global variables
Main entry point
Max size of global array variables
Output format
Precision level
Preprocessor definitions
Remove ambiguities in comparison operators
Report template
Send to Polyspace Server
Sensitivity context
Source code language
Specific precision
Target operating system
Target processor type
Temporally exclusive tasks
Treat export as nonvolatile
Treat import as nonvolatile
Value of the constant Storage_Unit
Variable/function range setup
Variables to expand
Verification level
Verification time limit
Verify files independently
Verify module
Verify whole application
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