Getting Started with Polyspace Products for Ada


Set Up Polyspace Project

Create a Polyspace® project, add source files to the project.

Run Verification

Start Polyspace verification locally or on a remote server, monitor progress, stop verification.

Review Verification Results

Review verification results in the Polyspace user interface, generate reports for project management.

About Polyspace Verification

Basic Workflow

Learn the basic workflow for code verification with Polyspace for Ada.

Overview of Polyspace Verification

Understand how to fix run-time errors in Ada code using static verification results.

The Value of Polyspace Verification

Enhance software reliability, decrease development time and improve your development process with Polyspace.

How Polyspace Verification Works

Learn about static verification and its benefits as opposed to dynamic testing.

Polyspace Verification and the Software Development Cycle

Verify code early in your development process for maximum quality and efficiency.

Choosing Contextual Verification Options

Provide external context to narrow down the verification assumptions and obtain more precise results.

Setting Up Project to Generate Metrics

Set up the Polyspace Metrics web interface and upload verification results from your desktop application for efficient project management.

Implementing a Process for Polyspace Verification

Deploy the Polyspace software appropriately to attain your software quality goals.

Sample Workflows for Polyspace Verification

As software developer, use Polyspace verification to assess code quality; as quality engineer, for testing and cerification; as project manager, for overview of software quality and maintaining standards across organization.

Getting Help

Find context-sensitive help for analysis options and results, access the product documentation for more help.

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