Troubleshooting in Polyspace Products for Ada

Verification Process Failed Errors

Hardware Does Not Meet Requirements

If your computer does not have the minimal hardware requirements, you see a warning during verification, but the verification continues.

Location of Included Files Not Specified

If you see the following message, either the included files are missing or you did not specify the location of included files:

Polyspace Software Cannot Find the Server

If the Polyspace® software cannot find the server, you see the following message in the log:

Limit on Assignments and Function Calls

If you start a client verification for a large file, the verification can stop with an error message stating that the number of assignments and function calls is too large.

Obtaining Configuration Information

Describes how to get information about your Polyspace configuration

Storage of Temporary Files

Temporary file storage

Disk Defragmentation and Antivirus Software

If a disk defragmentation tool or antivirus software runs on the machine on which your client or server verification is running, the verification might fail, generating an error message like the following:

Multiple File Error in File by File Verification

Diagnose why the same file appears more than once in a file by file verification.

Compile Errors

Examining the Compile Log

The compile log displays compile-phase messages and errors.

Common Compile Errors

You must supply complete specifications associated with a package body verification to the Polyspace software.

Obtaining Configuration Information

Describes how to get information about your Polyspace configuration

Error from Special Characters

Diagnose errors associated with extended ASCII characters in file or folder names.

Verification Time Reduction

Verification Time Considerations

In relation to the verification time, consider the following factors:

Displaying Verification Status Information

For client verifications, monitor the progress of your verification using the Output Summary and Dashboard tabs in the user interface.

Ideal Application Size

There is a compromise between the time and resources required to verify an application, and the resulting selectivity.

Optimum Size

Polyspace software verifies numerous applications with greater than 100,000 lines of code.

Selecting a Subset of Code

If a project is subdivided into logical sections by considering data flow, the total verification time is shorter than for the project considered in one pass.

Benefits of Methods

You might want to split the code:

Report Generation Errors

Out-of-Memory Errors During Report Generation

Out of memory errors during report generation

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