Installation and Activation

Simplified Download and Installation Process

Starting with R2014a, changes to the download and installation process make it easier for you to download MathWorks® products. In this release, you download just the MATLAB® installer from the MathWorks website. When you run the installer, you select the products you need and the installer does the rest of the work for you. Previously, you had to download all your products, using the MathWorks Download Agent or by downloading files manually, before you could start the installer.

Download Only Option

Starting with R2014a, the MATLAB installer provides license administrators with an option to download the software without installing it. This option is useful if you are deploying MATLAB in an enterprise environment. By selecting the download only option, you can download all products that you are licensed for on all platforms at one time. Then, you can place these files on a server for end-user installation or incorporate them into your automated deployment process.

Although this option is not available to your end users, they can reinstall an existing installation by starting the self-extracting installer from their default Downloads folder. This reinstallation method requires the end users to have downloaded the installer from the MathWorks website.

Platform-Specific ISO Images and DVDs

Starting with R2014a, you can download individual, platform-specific ISO images. In addition, if you request DVDs, you receive a DVD for each supported platform.

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