Installation and Activation

Required Update for License Manager

To use MATLAB® and Simulink® R2016b and later, you must update your license manager software to FlexNet® version To update the software, install the license manager that ships with the release. For installation instructions, see License Management in the installation documentation.

Multi-DVD Installation

As of R2016b, MathWorks products are distributed on two disks. If your installation requires the second disk, eject the first disk and insert the second when prompted.

    Note:   You cannot perform an automated installation using multiple DVDs or ISO images. For an automated installation, download and install products from the MathWorks® website.

Support Package Installer Update

As of R2016b, the Support Package Installer is integrated with the Add-Ons Explorer. To download hardware support packages, go to the MATLAB Home tab. In the Environment section, click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages.

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