RF Toolbox Classes

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Data Import

rfckt.amplifier RF amplifier
rfckt.datafile Component or network from file data
rfckt.mixer 2-port representation of RF mixer and its local oscillator
rfckt.passive Passive component or network Store result of circuit object analysis
rfdata.ip3 Store frequency-dependent, third-order intercept points
rfdata.mixerspur Store data from intermodulation table Store frequency-dependent network parameters Store frequency-dependent noise figure data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.noise Store frequency-dependent spot noise data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.power Store output power and phase information for amplifiers or mixers

RF Network Construction

capacitor Capacitor object
inductor Inductor object
resistor Resistor object
circuit Circuit object
rfchain Create rfchain object
nport Create linear n-port circuit element
lcladder LC ladder object
rfckt.cascade Cascaded network
rfckt.parallel Parallel connected network
rfckt.series Series connected network
rfckt.seriesrlc Series RLC component
rfckt.shuntrlc Shunt RLC component
rfckt.hybrid Hybrid connected network
rfckt.hybridg Inverse hybrid connected network
rfckt.lcbandpasspi Bandpass pi filter
rfckt.lcbandpasstee Bandpass tee filter
rfckt.lcbandstoppi Bandstop pi filter
rfckt.lcbandstoptee Bandpass tee filter
rfckt.lchighpasspi Highpass pi filter
rfckt.lchighpasstee Highpass tee filter
rfckt.lclowpasspi Lowpass pi filter
rfckt.lclowpasstee Lowpass tee filter
rfckt.coaxial Coaxial transmission line
rfckt.cpw Coplanar waveguide transmission line
rfckt.delay Delay line
rfckt.microstrip Microstrip transmission line
rfckt.parallelplate Parallel-plate transmission line
rfckt.rlcgline RLCG transmission line
rfckt.twowire Two-wire transmission line
rfckt.txline General transmission line
OpenIF Find open intermediate frequencies (IFs) in multiband transmitter or receiver architecture

RF Analysis

OpenIF Find open intermediate frequencies (IFs) in multiband transmitter or receiver architecture
rfmodel.rational Rational function object
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