Data Import

Touchstone data files, network parameter data entry, AMP files

Using RF Toolbox™ functions and classes to read data and generate network parameters or network objects from industry-standard Touchstone files (.s2p, .y2p, .z2p, and .h2p) and AMP files, a MathWorks® file format.

To learn how to import and create networks, see Create and Import Circuits .

To understand how this toolbox represents S-parameters and AMP files, see S-Parameter Notation and AMP File Data Sections.


read Read RF data from file to new or existing circuit or data object
restore Restore data to original frequencies
sparameters S-parameter object
yparameters Create Y-parameter object
zparameters Create Z-parameter object
abcdparameters Create ABCD parameter object
gparameters Create hybrid-g parameter object
hparameters Create hybrid parameter object
tparameters Create T-parameter object


rfckt.amplifier RF amplifier
rfckt.datafile Component or network from file data
rfckt.mixer 2-port representation of RF mixer and its local oscillator
rfckt.passive Passive component or network Store result of circuit object analysis
rfdata.ip3 Store frequency-dependent, third-order intercept points
rfdata.mixerspur Store data from intermodulation table Store frequency-dependent network parameters Store frequency-dependent noise figure data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.noise Store frequency-dependent spot noise data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.power Store output power and phase information for amplifiers or mixers
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