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RF Toolbox Examples

Frequency Planning

Finding Free IF BandwidthsScript

RLC Network Analysis

Bandpass Filter ResponseScript
MOS Interconnect and CrosstalkScript

RLC Network Analysis Using RFCKT Objects

Bandpass Filter Response Using RFCKT ObjectsScript
MOS Interconnect and Crosstalk Using RFCKT ObjectsScript

Signal Integrity Applications

Modeling a High-Speed Backplane (Part 1: Measured 16-Port S-Parameters to 4-Port S-Parameters)Script
Modeling a High-Speed Backplane (Part 2: 4-Port S-Parameters to a Rational Function)
Uses: Communications System Toolbox
Modeling a High-Speed Backplane (Part 3: 4-Port S-Parameters to Differential TDR and TDT)Script
Modeling a High-Speed Backplane (Part 4: Rational Function to a Simulink® Model)
Uses: Simulink
Modeling a High-Speed Backplane (Part 5: Rational Function to a Verilog-A Module)Script

Frequency-Domain Analyses and RF Data Visualizations

Writing A Touchstone® FileScript
Visualizing Mixer SpursScript
De-Embedding S-ParametersScript

Impedance Matching

Designing Matching Networks (Part 1: Networks with an LNA and Lumped Elements)Script
Designing Matching Networks (Part 2: Single Stub Transmission Lines)Script
Designing Broadband Matching Networks (Part 1: Antenna)Script
Designing Broadband Matching Networks (Part 2: Amplifier)Script

RF Objects

RF Circuit ObjectsScript
RF Data ObjectsScript
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