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RF Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
abcd2hConvert ABCD-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
abcd2sConvert ABCD-parameters to S-parameters
abcd2yConvert ABCD-parameters to Y-parameters
abcd2zConvert ABCD-parameters to Z-parameters
abcdparametersCreate ABCD parameter object
addInsert circuit element or circuit object into circuit
amplifierAmplifier object
analyzeAnalyze circuit object in frequency domain
calculateCalculate specified parameters for circuit object
capacitorCapacitor object
cascadesparamsCombine S-parameters to form cascaded network
circleDraw circles on Smith chart
circuitCapacitor object
cloneCreate copy of existing circuit element or circuit object
copyCopy circuit or data object
deembedsparamsDe-embed 2N-port S-parameters
extractExtract array of network parameters from data object
freqrespFrequency response of rational function object
g2hConvert hybrid g-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
gamma2zConvert reflection coefficient to impedance
gammainInput reflection coefficient of 2-port network
gammamlLoad reflection coefficient of 2-port network
gammamsSource reflection coefficient of 2-port network
gammaoutOutput reflection coefficient of 2-port network
getdataData object containing analyzed result of specified circuit object
getopDisplay operating conditions
getz0Characteristic impedance of transmission line object
gparametersCreate hybrid-g parameter object
groupdelayGroup delay of s-parameter object or RF Toolbox network object
h2abcdConvert hybrid h-parameters to ABCD-parameters
h2gConvert hybrid h-parameters to hybrid g-parameters
h2sConvert hybrid h-parameters to S-parameters
h2yConvert hybrid h-parameters to Y-parameters
h2zConvert hybrid h-parameters to Z-parameters
hparametersCreate hybrid parameter object
impulseImpulse response for rational function object
inductorInductor object
ispassiveCheck passivity of N-port S-parameters
lcladderLC ladder object
listformatList valid formats for specified circuit object parameter
listparamList valid parameters for specified circuit object
loglogPlot specified circuit object parameters using log-log scale
makepassiveMake N-port S-parameters passive
modulatorModulator object
newrefChange reference impedance of S-parameters
nportCreate linear n-port circuit element
OpenIFFind open intermediate frequencies (IFs) in multiband transmitter or receiver architecture
plotPlot specified circuit object parameters on X-Y plane
plotyyPlot specified object parameters with y-axes on both left and right sides
polarPlot specified circuit object parameters on polar coordinates
powergainPower gain of 2-port network
rationalfitApproximate data using stable rational function object
readRead RF data from file to new or existing circuit or data object
reportSummarize mixer configurations and spur-free-zone information for a multiband transmitter or receiver
resistorResistor object
restoreRestore data to original frequencies
rfbudgetCreate RF budget object and compute RF budget results
rfchainCreate rfchain object
rfckt.amplifierRF Amplifier
rfckt.cascadeCascaded network
rfckt.coaxialRF Amplifier
rfckt.cpwCoplanar waveguide transmission line
rfckt.datafileComponent or network from file data
rfckt.delayDelay line
rfckt.hybridHybrid connected network
rfckt.hybridgInverse hybrid connected network
rfckt.lcbandpasspiBandpass pi filter
rfckt.lcbandpassteeBandpass tee filter
rfckt.lcbandstoppiBandstop pi filter
rfckt.lcbandstopteeBandstop tee filter
rfckt.lchighpasspiHighpass pi filter
rfckt.lchighpassteeHighpass tee filter
rfckt.lclowpasspiLowpass pi filter
rfckt.lclowpassteeLowpass tee filter
rfckt.microstripMicrostrip transmission line
rfckt.mixer2-port representation of RF mixer and its local oscillator
rfckt.parallelParallel connected network
rfckt.parallelplateParallel-plate transmission line
rfckt.passivePassive component or network
rfckt.rlcglinePassive component or network
rfckt.seriesSeries connected network
rfckt.seriesrlcSeries RLC component
rfckt.shuntrlcShunt RLC component
rfckt.twowireTwo-wire transmission line
rfckt.txlineGeneral transmission line
rfdata.dataStore result of circuit object analysis
rfdata.ip3Store frequency-dependent, third-order intercept points
rfdata.mixerspurStore data from intermodulation table
rfdata.networkStore frequency-dependent network parameters
rfdata.nfStore frequency-dependent noise figure data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.noiseStore frequency-dependent spot noise data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.powerStore output power and phase information for amplifiers or mixers
rfelementGeneric RF element object
rfinterp1Interpolate network parameter data at new frequencies
rfmodel.rationalStore output power and phase information for amplifiers or mixers
rfmodel.rational.ispassiveCheck passivity of scalar rational function object
rfparamExtract vector of network parameters
rfplotPlot S-parameter data
rftoolOpen RF Analysis Tool (RF Tool)
rfwriteWrite RF network data to Touchstone file
rlgc2sConvert RLGC transmission line parameters to S-parameters
s2abcdConvert S-parameters to ABCD-parameters
s2hConvert S-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
s2rlgcConvert S-parameters to RLGC transmission line parameters
s2sConvert S-parameters to S-parameters with different impedance
s2sccConvert single-ended S-parameters to common-mode S-parameters (Scc)
s2scdConvert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, cross-mode S-parameters (Scd)
s2sdcConvert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, cross-mode S-parameters (Sdc)
s2sddConvert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, differential-mode S-parameters (Sdd)
s2smmConvert single-ended S-parameters to mixed-mode S-parameters
s2tConvert S-parameters to T-parameters
s2tfConvert S-parameters of 2-port network to voltage or power-wave transfer function
s2yConvert S-parameters to Y-parameters
s2zConvert S-parameters to Z-parameters
semilogxPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for x-axis
semilogyPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for y-axis
setopSet operating conditions
setportsSet ports of circuit object
setterminalsSet terminals of circuit object
showProduce spur graph for multiband transmitter or receiver
smithPlot specified circuit object parameters on Smith chart
smithchartPlot complex vector of a reflection coefficient on Smith chart
smithplotPlot of measurement data on Smith chart
smm2sConvert mixed-mode 2N-port S-parameters to single-ended 4N-port S-parameters
snp2smpConvert and reorder single-ended N-port S-parameters to single-ended M-port S-parameters
sparametersS-parameter object
stabilitykStability factor K of 2-port network
stabilitymuStability factor μ of 2-port network
steprespStep-signal response of rational function object
t2sConvert T-parameters to S-parameters
tableDisplay specified RF object parameters in Variable Editor
timerespTime response for rational function object
tparametersCreate T-parameter object
vswrVSWR at given reflection coefficient Γ
writeWrite RF data from circuit or data object to file
writevaWrite Verilog-A description of rational function object
y2abcdConvert Y-parameters to ABCD-parameters
y2hConvert Y-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
y2sConvert Y-parameters to S-parameters
y2zConvert Y-parameters to Z-parameters
yparametersCreate Y-parameter object
z2abcdConvert Z-parameters to ABCD-parameters
z2gammaConvert impedance to reflection coefficient
z2hConvert Z-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
z2sConvert Z-parameters to S-parameters
z2yConvert Z-parameters to Y-parameters
zparametersCreate Z-parameter object
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