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Convert hybrid g-parameters to hybrid h-parameters


h_params = g2h(g_params)


h_params = g2h(g_params) converts the hybrid g-parameters, g_params, into the hybrid h-parameters, h_params. The g_params input is a complex 2-by-2-by-M array, representing M 2-port g-parameters. h_params is a complex 2-by-2-by-M array, representing M 2-port h-parameters.


You can also use network parameter objects to perform network parameter conversions. For more information, see RF Network Parameter Objects.


Convert g-parameters to h-parameters:

%Define a matrix of g-parameters.
g_11 = -6.55389515512306e-007 + 6.67541048071651e-006i;
g_12 =     -0.999823389146385 -  0.000246785162909241i;
g_21 =       1.00011560038266 -  0.000129304649930592i;
g_22 =      0.314441556185771 +      2.51960941000598i;
g_params = [g_11,g_12; g_21,g_22];
%Convert to h-parameters
h_params = g2h(g_params);

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