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Input reflection coefficient of 2-port network


coefficient = gammain(s_params,z0,zl)
coefficient = gammain(hs,zl)


coefficient = gammain(s_params,z0,zl) calculates the input reflection coefficient of a 2-port network. s_params is a complex 2-by-2-by-M array, representing M 2-port S-parameters. z0 is the reference impedance Z0; its default value is 50 ohms. zl is the load impedance Zl; its default value is also 50 ohms. coefficient is an M-element complex vector.

coefficient = gammain(hs,zl) calculates the input reflection coefficient of the 2-port network represented by the S-parameter object hs.


Calculate the input reflection coefficients at each index of an S-parameter array:

  ckt = read(rfckt.amplifier,'default.s2p');
  s_params = ckt.NetworkData.Data;
  z0 = ckt.NetworkData.Z0;
  zl = 100;
  coefficient = gammain(s_params,z0,zl);

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gammain uses the formula


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