Find spurs in multiband transmitter or receiver frequency space


spurs = getSpurData(hif)


spurs = getSpurData(hif) returns a matrix of spur data for the network defined by the OpenIF object hif. Each spur is a range of frequencies. The two columns of spurs contain the endpoints of each spur. The first column contains the lower endpoints and the second column contains the upper endpoints.

Input Arguments

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hif — IF (Intermediate Frequency) planning objectOpenIF object

IF (Intermediate Frequency) planning object, specified as an OpenIF object.

Output Arguments

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spurs — Spur datamatrix

Spur data of the network, returned as a matrix. The first column of the matrix contains the lower endpoints of the spur and the second column contains the upper endpoints.


  • The OpenIF class reference page contains an example that shows how to find the spur-free zones of a multiband receiver with three mixers.

  • The example Finding Free IF Bandwidths shows how to use information from a spur graph to design a multiband receiver with spur-free zones.

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